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Adler, George J A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language

Adler, George J A Key to the Exercises

Allen, John Barrow, An Elementary Latin Grammar

Anthon, Charles Latin Grammar Vol 2

Barbou, J Faciles aditus ad linguam latinam

Beard, John Relley Latin Made Easy

Bosworth, Joseph, An Introduction to Latin Construing

Bullions, Peter, The Principles of Latin Grammar

Carson, Aglionby Ross Rules for the Construction of the Relative Qui, Quæ, Quod with the Subjunctive (With a long detailed section on indirect speech) See Bochart, Samuel Geographia Sacra for a text with a lot of oratio obliqua. see De Aeneae Adventu in Italiam

Cooper, Joab Goldsmith A New Latin Grammar

Davidson, James A Short Introduction to Latin Grammar

Everard, Edward A Preparatory Latin Grammar

Harkness, Albert A Latin Grammar for Schools

Kennedy, Benjamin Hall A Public School Latin Grammar

Leech, John A Book of Grammar Questions (1650)

Mair, John Introduction to Latin Syntax

Michigan, University of Latin Workshop

Michigan, University of Latin Workshop 2

Michigan, University of Latin for Secondary Schools

Michigan, University of How the Romans Lived and Spoke (Teacher's Guide for a Comprehensible Input Class)

Monteith, Alexander, An Easy and Practical Introduction to the Latin Language

Peters, William Elisha The Syntax of the Latin Verb

Phillips, Thomas, The Rudiments of Latin

Schipper, Benedict A Concise Latin Grammar

Schmitz Leonhard A Grammar of the Latin Language

Traut, George Vollständiges Lehrgebäude der lateinischen Sprache:

Traut, George, Key to the Exercises

Walker, George A Copious Latin Grammar (after Scheller)

Zumpt A Grammar of the Latin Language


Porquet: Thesaurus Linguae Latinae: Exercises for translation from English into Latin

Porquet: Key to the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae: Exercises for translating into Latin from English