These texts are intended for students who already have completed Adler, or a similar course of study. Some are available in a bilingual version, so that you can study them in audio without needing to look at the printed text - ideal for studying while communing, or walking in the park. Review texts in audio, in Latin only, are also provided.

A couple of the texts at this level are in Latin only, but are very simple. Of these, the most famous text is Corderius' Colloquia. For hundreds of years, every student of Latin was expected to master these.

In a sense, this level is the most important - to gain fluency, you need to listen to, and read, a large amount of material that is not too difficult - these texts were carefully designed for just this purpose. Take them, one at a time, and listen to them over and over, until you understand them perfectly.

Caesar Deconstructed Part 1 3h 11m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

Caesar Deconstructed Part 2 2h 8m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

Chickering's Latin Reader Part 1 2h 54m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

Chickering's Latin Reader Part 2 2h 33m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

D'Ooge Colloquia Latina 1h 18m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

Corderius - Willymott's Edition , read in Latin only 1h 49m (INTERMEDIATE)

Corderius - Alexander's Edition , read in Latin only 1h 13m (INTERMEDIATE)

Maxey's New Latin Primer 2h 41m (INTERMEDIATE)

Confabulationes Tyronum No. 1 Difficile Esse latinam Discere Sermonem

Instructio Prima Puerorum No. 1

The Pied Piper of Hamelin 3m (INTERMEDIATE)

Puer Romanus Part 1 1h 22m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

Puer Romanus Part 2 1h 39m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

Puer Romanus Part 3 1h 14m Text (INTERMEDIATE)


De America - A Latin Story for Beginners - Part One 2h 4m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

De America - A Latin Story for Beginners - Part Two 2h 18m Text (INTERMEDIATE)


Kenrick's translation of Zumpt's Grammar of the Latin Language

Section 3 to 28 ZIP