This book is one the of simplest Latin storybooks I have come across. It is presented in Latin-English-Latin, and repeated in Latin only.

This is a quick introduction to English grammar: if you are unsure about what a verb, adjective or tense is, then this short little course will be useful for you.

Aesop was a staple text in Latin classrooms for thousands of years. These special recordings present each fable in Latin-English-Latin, and then repeat the fable again in Latin only. They are mainly for intermediate students, but I have put them here as beginners can get a lot out of them as well.

This is a most amusing book, written to help English schoolchildren learn basic conversational Latin. Once upon a time, in schools such as St Paul's Grammar School, students got whipped for speaking anything other than Latin on school grounds. Books such as these were helpful in teaching young children practical Latin for the classroom and playground.

This audiobook takes the Latin mass, and presents it phrase by phrase in English and Latin, before repeating the material again in Latin only. The language used in the Mass is not very difficult, which is why I have listed this text in the beginner section.

This is a vocabulary learning resource. Howell's Discernenda is a unique book that presents Latin words that might easily be confused. The mothod used is something similar to presenting what are known as 'minimal pairs'. All beginners should find this a useful audio resource.

How do we know how the Romans spoke Latin> Bennett's introduction to the pronunciation of Classical Latin. Are we just making it up, or is there a basis for the restored classical pronunciation of Latin?

This is a vocabulary study resource, to teach you the words you need to know to read Julius Caesar's De Bello Gallico.

This is an amusing little audobook of poems designed for teaching Latin vocabulary. The poems are in English, and were written by Sarah Coleridge. She was the famous poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge's only daughter: perhaps her father had a hand in writing these verses too!

Comenius' Vestibulum ENGLISH & LATIN 2h 09m Text (BEGINNER)

This is a vocabulary and basic phrase learning resource. Comenius' Vestibulum is one of the core texts at the heart of the Latinum audio course, as it teaches critical core vocabulary.

The Orbs Sensualium Pictus is also by Comenius. This, 'The Visible World in Pictures' is the first ever fully illustrated children's book ever published. It develops and expands the material presented in the Vestibulum, and will help you greatly extend the range of your Latin vocabulary.

This is a simple introductory Bible study reader, with simple Bible stories told in Latin-English-Latin, and then repeated in Latin only.

Corderius is a very important study resource: this is a textbooks of scripted conversations: they are more advanced than those included in Children's Talke, the book listed above. The goal is the same - to give a schoolboy the vocabulary and phrases needed to speak Latin in a schoolroom setting.

This is a basic introductory resource for studying the Gospel of St John. The text is presented first in Latin-English-Latin, read phrase by phrase, and then followed by a Latin only reading.


As a beginner, you might find the method of shadowing useful to cover a lot of ground rapidly, to pick up knowledge of the language. A growing catalogue of specialised shadowing audio resources are being produced by The Latinum Institute. These can be found in the Shadowing catalogue, along with an explanation and suggestions for using shadowing in your studies.