Once you reach this level, you will be well on your way to mastering the language.

Comenius' Grammar texts are a useful review of Latin Grammar, given over in Latin - at this point in your studies, you should be using a Latin-Latin dictionary, and consulting grammatical texts composed in Latin - in other words, trying to keep your head 'in Latin' as much as possible during your studies.


Ad Alpes, by Nutting INTERMEDIATE +

This is a delightful audiobook, built around the conceit of a journey to Italy, through Rome and up to the Alps. Along the way stories are told from Roman history.


Genesis Ch 1 to 19 Biblia Sacra Castellionis (INTERMEDIATE+)

Castellio's translation of the Bible into 'Ciceronian' style is an excellent resource for Latin students.



Psalms Project Index (INTERMEDIATE+)

This is the complete book of Psalms from the Vulgate edition, with various other translations into Latin presented for selected chapters.


Liber Latinus 2h 47m Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

This is an encyclopedia style text; to benefit fully from this I would advise you to first get to grips with Comenius' foundational texts, the 'Vestibulum' and the 'Orbis Sensualium Pictus'.


Rudimenta Grammaticae 52m Text or Image Files (INTERMEDIATE+)

This is a foundational text by Comenius - the rudiments of Latin Grammar, presented in simple Latin.




Erasmi Colloquia Nonulla Selecta 1h 41m (INTERMEDIATE+) (Text)

Erasmus' colloquia were famous, and once upon a time were regularly studied by all students of Latin, as a guide to the spoken style of the language. This was important in university settings, where Latin was often the only shared language in what were often very international student bodies.


Index to Viri Inlustres Urbis Romae (INTERMEDIATE +)

This text by L'Homond is justifiably famous. It gives brief potted histories of various Roman personalities. Many of the stories from here reappear over and over again in the various Latin children's books, such as 'Ad Alpes'.


Eutropius Book 1 - Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

This is a Latin paraphrase - where the Latin is re-written and fleshed out where necessary to aid comprehension - this style of text is a useful intermediate text, and is worth listening to before approaching the original.

Eutropius Book 2 - Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

Eutropius Book 3 - Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

Eutropius Book 4 - Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

Eutropius Book 5 - Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

Eutropius Book 6 - Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

Eutropius Book 7 - Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

Eutropius Book 8 - Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

Eutropius Book 9 - Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)

Eutropius Book 10- Stirling's Latin Paraphrase Text (INTERMEDIATE+)


Flori - Rerum Romanarum Epitome (INTERMEDIATE +)

This is another one of Stirling's Latin paraphrases.


Cornelia - A Latin Story for Beginners 2h 23m Text ( INTERMEDIATE+)

This delightful story is pleasant to listen to, and is not particularly difficult.


Rebilius Cruso - Defoe's 'Robinson Crusoe' retold in Latin.



Pexenfelder's Magnum Opus is a huge encyclopedia of knowledge. It should only be approached by a student after the material in the Vestibulum and Orbis Sensualium Pictus of Comenius are well and truly learned and assimilated - then Pexenfelder's further development of vocabulary will 'work' as a text. Without the knowledge you will need from the elementary Comenius texts, you will struggle with Pexenfelder. After learning Comenius first, you will find him a delight.

Index to Pexenfelder


Elementa Chymiae 41m (INTERMEDIATE+)

This is one of the 'Latin technical Books'series, the idea being that you listen to material that you already have passing familiarity with, as this will help you develop your Latin. You are not listening to this text in order to learn Chemistry, after all!


Entozoorum sive Vermium Intestinalium 20m (INTERMEDIATE+)

Another text in the 'Technical Latin' series.

Van Leeuwenhoek ~ De Semine 23m (INTERMEDIATE+)

This is a very famous letter written by Van Leeuwenhoek. You will have read about it school, but never actually 'read it'.


Materia Medica ~Latin & English 1h 25m (INTERMEDIATE+)

This is a useful text, as it presents 'recipes' for making chemicals, and the formulation of these in the Latin is interesting. Think of this as a cookbook.


Reynold's Nature Study and Latin Reader Part 1 2h 39m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

This is a fantastic book, and is one of the few Latin readers with an intensive focus on reported speech. Highly recommended. Once again, to benefit from this reader, it would be really helpful if you had first assimilated the vocabulary in Comenius' Vestibulum and the Orbis Sensualium Pictus.

Reynold's Nature Study and Latin Reader Part 2 1h 59m Text (INTERMEDIATE)

Arminius A Suebian Boy (INTERMEDIATE PLUS) - ZIP