Stirling Collection

John Stirling composed a series of very useful Latin paraphrases, where he augments the Latin text and rewrites it, to make it more accessible to a student.

These texts are now little known, and are no longer used in schools. I believe that they are extremely useful.

Florus Paraphrase in Latin


Flori - Rerum Romanarum Epitome

Index to John Stirling's Latin Paraphrase of Florus' Rerum Romanarum Epitome. (In Four Books)

(The Text)

Lucius Annaeus Florus (c. 74 AD – c. 130 AD) was a Roman historian who lived in the time of Trajan and Hadrian. He was born in Africa.

He compiled, chiefly from Livy, a brief sketch of the history of Rome from the foundation of the city to the closing of the temple of Janus by Augustus (25 BC). The work is written in a rhetorical style – a hymn to the greatness of Rome, the life of which is divided into the periods of infancy, youth and manhood.

Introduction (English)



Caput 1 De Romulo Primo Romanorum Rege.

Caput 2 De Numa Pompilio.

Caput 3 De Tullo Hostilio.

Caput 4 De Anco Marcio.

Caput 5 De Tarquinio Prisco.

Caput 6 De Servio Tullio.

Caput 7 De Tarquinio Superbo.

Caput 8 Anacephalaeosis de Septem Regibus.

Caput 9 De Mutatione Reipublicae.

Caput 10 Bellum Etruscum cum Rege Porsena.

Caput 11 Bellum Latinum

Caput 12 Bellum cum Etruscis, Faliscis et Fidenatibus.

Caput 13 Bellum Gallicum.

Caput 14 Bellum Latinum.

Caput 15 Bellum Sabinum.

Caput 16 Bellum Samniticum.

Caput 17 Bellum Etruscum et Samniticum.

Caput 18 Bellum Tarentinum, et cum Pyrrho Rege.

Caput 19 Bellum Picenum.

Caput 20 Bellum Sallentinum.

Caput 21 Bellum Volsinense.

Caput 22 De Seditionibus.

Caput 23 De Seditionibus.

Caput 24

Caput 25

Caput 26.


Caput 1 Prooemium

Caput 2 Primum Bellum Punicum

Caput 3 Bellum Ligusticum

Caput 4 Bellum Gallicum

Caput 5 Bellum Illyricum

Caput 6 Bellum Punicum Secundum