Latin Mass

study the latin mass

On this page you will find audio resources to help you study the Latin Mass, and become familiar with it.

The Latinum Institute has produced a specialised audio resource for studying this religiously and culturally important text - which should be better known by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

There are two study resources: in the first, the Latin Mass (Missa Latina) is read aloud for you slowly and carefully phrase by phrase in Latin, then English, and then repeated again in Latin.

A second reading is in Latin only, for revision and consolidation.

The pronunciation used is the restored classical; this will not present you with a problem, and it is a small step to take to move from restored classical to the traditional pronunciations used in churches. Moving in the other direction is more difficult, as the traditional pronunciations do not pay attention to the length of vowels, only to stress.

The quickest and most painless way to get familiar with the vowel lengths is to hear them pronounced, and hearing them pronounced helps with comprehension.