This course was designed by Evan specifically to provide a very gradual and easy introduction to the Latin language for complete beginners. It is specifically designed as a lead-in to Adler, so that when you start with Adler lesson one, you will be more secure on your feet.

The audio course has a Latin pdf textbook that comes with it that can be downloaded at Patreon.

Serial and Oral Latin Course Step 1 to 50 pdf (BEGINNER)

1b. There is also a variant of this course available on YouTube which you may find useful

LONDON LATIN COURSE (Serial and Oral Course) (170 VIDEOS)

1c. Supplementary Free Latin Lessons for Beginners

This is a serial Latin course, using illustrations. It is designed to be accessible no matter what language you use, as it is entirely in Latin.

1d. More Supplementary Resources for Beginners - Latin Flipbooks

You can find the flip books linked here, or as a separate entry in the 'beginner' drop-down menu

Evan produced a number of illustrated Latin flip-books, which can be used by beginners as a supplement.