Speak Like Caesar

This series is intended to be used alongside or as a follow-on from the Prendergast Latin Mastery audio course.


This is a Latin Mastery Course, based on the methodology of Prendergast, using Caesar's own words as the base for the course.

This course is being written and produced by Evan der Millner.

This first lesson will teach you the language used in the opening period of Caesar's Gallic War.

Prendergast's method uses no explicit grammar. This is a translation course, but not a grammar-translation course.

After you have completed Prendergast's course, or at least get around halfway through it, he recommends you should read (not study - read) a wide selection of Latin grammars.

No explicit memorisation of verb tables or declensions etc should be done when using this method.

The Exercises

Do not proceed to the next lesson until you can accurately and rapidly spurt out the Latin translation aloud in the time provided or less. If you need more time while you are first studying an exercise, use your pause button.

Learn to Speak Latin Like Caesar

Exercise 1 (Open Access - Free Latin Lesson)

Exercise 8

Exercise 9

Exercise 10

Exercise 11

Exercise 12

Exercise 13

Exercise 14

Exercise 15

Exercise 16

Exercise 17

Exercise 18

Exercise 19

Exercise 20