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Adler Mastery Oral LATIN EXERCISES

Adler's A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language, a version of the Ollendorff Method textbook, is one of the most important textbooks ever written for studying Latin.

It has a focus on conversational Latin and so is more similar to a modern language course, and thus is ideally suited as an introductory course for Latin, before you begin studying the follow on course - Prendergast's Latin Mastery - which is a higher level course that makes high demands on you as a student.

Most Latin courses simply try to run too fast - here at Latinum we believe that slow and steady wins the race. Rome was not built in a day.

These exercises can be used without looking at Adler's textbook at all, but are ideally suited as quizzes to help you assess whether you have thoroughly learned a lesson, before moving on to the next one.

Some History

These exercises are part of a serial and oral system, originally developed by Jean Manesca in the late 1700's, and subsequently adapted by Henri Ollendorff in the early 1800's. George Adler wrote a Latin version. Thomas Prendergast , also writing in the mid 1800's, developed an alternative system, and in this exercise Prendergast's methodology has been applied to the Latin exercises in George Adler's Ollendorff text.


Each exercise is in the form of a test or quiz.

It starts with a simple phrase or sentence, and then builds the sentence up phrase by phrase and clause by clause, ending with a complex sentence.

A bell is sounded, followed by a brief pause, which should provide sufficient time for you to translate. Following the pause, a model translation is given.

Pay close attention to your word order. Although word order in Latin is somewhat flexible, especially in poetry, there are definite patterns you need to get used to.


Do not move on to the next lesson until you can translate into Latin aloud, and without hesitation in the time provided.

Repeat each lesson as many times as necessary, until you are 100% fluent in it.


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Exercise 1a (Free Latin Lesson)

Exercise 1b (Free Latin Lesson)

Exercise 2 (Free Latin Lesson)

Exercise 3 ( Free Latin Lesson)

Exercise 4 (Free Latin Lesson)

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Exercise 13

Exercise 14 a

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Exercise 14 c

Exercise 15 a

Exercise 15 b Note: new exercises are uploaded daily , so check the post feed on the home page at Patreon for new episodes. This index is updated periodically.

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