The Latinum Institute Museum of Language, Civilisation and Culture exists in the physical world as well as online. The museum is located in a private residence in Kato Kariotes, Samothraki Island, Greece.

The great focus of the  Latinum Institute Museum of Language, Civilisation and Culture is the Renaissance period through to the end of the nineteenth century. 

Musical Instrument Collection

Malcolm Organ Number 1/1 - a small English early nineteenth century American style reed organ with no stops. The Institute rescued this harmonium with the goal of creating a small transportable stage for it, so that it can be played in other locations. The provenance of this reed organ is unknown, but it still has the faint smell of incense, so evidently was originally in a small chapel somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Mason and Hamlin model 461 American reed organ was rescued from an old Presbyterian church in Belford, on the Scottish Borders. The church closed This was the once famous 'Erskine Chapel'. This reed organ has now been restored, and plays well. The organ arrived at the Latinum Institute Museum of Language, Civilisation and Culture in 2023.

This image shows the Mason and Hamlin model 461 organ still in situ, hard against the wall on the right hand side of the altar podium. 

The William Bell two manual American style reed organ, with British Organ Blower pneumatic system was rescued from a Methodist Chapel in Staffordshire, England. The church had closed, and was being turned into offices - and the organ was no longer wanted. The organ has had a complete overhaul, and now plays well.  The organ arrived at the museum in 2023.

Keene and Brackley (after) Bentside Spinet - an historical  replica model by the late John Barnes, and refurbished by Peter Barnes in 2021. This small harpsichord is a delight. It was aquired and arrived in 2022.

Sandi Baroque Lute. This large baroque lute is a fine reproduction of a late renaissance instrument.

Lindbergh Upright Piano.(Poland, 1960's) This piano was rescued from sure destruction, as it has been abandoned in the back of a broken down truck halfway up a mountain on the island, a victim of the Covid times. The truck was gradually being cannibalised and the piano had become exposed to the elements. Eventually the owner in Finland was tracked down, and in December 2021 the piano arrived at the Latinum Institute Museum of Language, Civilisation and Culture. The piano was given a complete professional overhaul in summer 2022.

Maui 'Xaphoon' - a type of reed instrument that sounds somewhat like a clarinet, this is a primitive instrument. It has been owned by Evan der Millner since 1985.

Various recorders - Descant and one alto recorder- all in plastic, dating from the 1970's through to 2022.